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A Talisman of Home

When quiet Mackenzie Brown lost everyone, her mother, her husband, even the pregnancy she desperately wanted, she mustered the courage of desperation and leapt into the unknown. Her discovery that her biological father probably didn’t even know she existed gave her hope. Maybe she could find him and belong to someone again. She escaped Boston for a house-sitting gig in a tiny fishing village on the Bay of Fundy, following the clues from her mother’s past. The locals welcomed her into Stella Mara, even trying to set her up with the handsome English teacher, though she kept her real mission a secret. Despite her fears, finding Eric, her unsuspecting father, was easy.

But did she really want him as a father? Once she met him, that became a lot less clear. Uncovering this secret could have far-reaching consequences.

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Coming in 2022 – Angels in the Architecture


Emelie and Liam were happy with their son, Ben, until Emelie’s car accident started a process that could break them apart. After her concussion, images of a baby visited Emelie, sleeping and waking. She painted obsessively, went for long walks, and even disappeared for hours at a time. While her troubles escalated, Liam couldn’t wait for her to recover. As he struggled with his own reactions, he distanced himself and Ben for safety, tearing the family apart. Can they find a way back into connection? And is there really another baby somewhere waiting for them?

Max, Annie's long-time companion, black labrador retriever.

About Annie…..

Annie M. Ballard loves writing, reading, baking, gardening and living in the Canadian Maritimes. A woman of uncertain age, she has been a voracious reader since age 7, when she was old enough to get her own library card. She haunted the stacks of the tiny village library where she grew up in Maine, and soaked in science fiction, poetry, literature, and humour. As a young woman, she immersed herself in cozy mysteries. She wrote her doctoral dissertation while inhaling Isaac Asimov’s earliest stories and camping with her family up and down the east coast of the US.

Moving to the Maritimes in the early 2000s gave her access to her roots. Now, Annie writes about the lives of women and the people who love them from her home in New Brunswick, Canada. Born and raised in New England, she brings a fondness for music, baking, small-town life, and the remarkable shared ancestry of Maritimers and New Englanders to her work. Having found her own Maritime roots later in life, she seeks to make the most of her mixed heritage and embraces both “ayuh” and “eh.”

The Canadian Maritimes…

Ocean, fishing, great food and music, good people with strong personalities…this is where Annie’s stories are set. There’s more of that local flavour in the newsletter for her readers. Be sure to sign up below.

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