Sleeping With Ward Cleaver

by Jenny Gardiner Well, here’s a fun book.  The protagonist spends a lot of time seeing her husband as a caricature, like the Beaver’s dad in the 1960s sitcom.  Do you remember the Cleavers?  June Cleaver wore “housedresses” all the time, and heels, and her hair was perfectly curled.  Wally was the officious older brother,Continue reading “Sleeping With Ward Cleaver”

And in other reading news….

And in other news, I read Katie Winters’ book, The Sunrise Cove Inn. This is a book about three sisters and includes hot tropes like an old, dilapidated inn on the east coast in a trendy area (in this case, Martha’s Vineyard), old boyfriends looking good, and lots of family drama. The plot set-up isContinue reading “And in other reading news….”