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I could probably do a better job of documenting my reading life, but if I did, I’d have to take notice of how much time I currently spend reading. Note: time spent reading is not time spent writing. Note number two: no time spent reading is wasted.

Now that I have become an inveterate reader of e-books, my documentation should be easy. I can just look at Kindle or Kobo and see what’s been going on. But then I also have to account for what’s stacked up on the coffee table, on the nightstand, and in the pile for the library.

I’ve just discovered (oh, my, late to the game, Annie, what?) Susan Isaacs’ character, Judith Singer, a Long Island suburban mother, history scholar and would-be detective (of course). The detective part is interesting and well done but oh, my goodness, does Judith Singer have a wicked sense of humour! I found myself laughing out loud at some of her internal commentary, and ruefully acknowledging that only a person of a certain, um, age, might find all of this so amusing.

My first introduction was via Long Time No See, in which Judith is widowed, her children are well-launched into adult life, and she’s (of course) getting involved with detecting again, as well as with the hunky Captain Sharpe. Turns out their involvement started years ago, and is documented in Compromising Positions. I am so happy that I also have a third volume in this series queued up to be read. Whodunits with a feisty, funny civilian lady detective are just plain fun. There are links below to those books on Kindle. Buying here supports my reading and writing habits. Thank you!

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