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And in other news, I read Katie Winters’ book, The Sunrise Cove Inn. This is a book about three sisters and includes hot tropes like an old, dilapidated inn on the east coast in a trendy area (in this case, Martha’s Vineyard), old boyfriends looking good, and lots of family drama.

The plot set-up is a little thin. The idea is that those three sisters who have been alienated from their father and the Island all return home to help dear old dad. Dad is perhaps the most interesting of the characters, as his inconsistencies are consistent with a possible diagnosis of incipient dementia. However, Winters does a good job of differentiating the sisters from each other, as well as finding memories that hook them together. Also thin is the notion that the girls were all uber-popular and important in high school and were desperately missed when they left and lauded upon their return. 

There is a crisis and a mystery but they easily solved it. There is a Pretty Happy for a First Book in Series ending, and Katie Winters has many loyal fans. I am impressed by her sheer productivity! If you like books about a fictional Massachusetts coast, and sister novels, and fairly easy reads in a series, I think this might be for you.   

Winters struggles with verbs peculiarly, but I suspect that her writing has improved over the vast number of titles she’s published. The story is interesting, the characters have plenty of internal and external conflict, and the book would be a good summer beach read any time of year.

Here is a link if you’re interested in more information.

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